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Let’s Cut A Record… …Deal

Getting a record deal could be compared to finding a lottery ticket on the ground.  It could be a worthless piece of paper that you can throw in the trash or it could be worth some money, and maybe even a lot.  Keeping things in perspective, when you consider how many bands there are in the United States, compared to how many become highly successful, the numbers are small in comparison.  But, many artists are discovering ways to sell music without the aid of a major label backing them.  Yes it’s very expensive to tour in large arenas or even get on the middle market venues circuit without some financial help.  But with new technologies offered up to musicians, it seems the record labels are no longer the only option.  Many artists carve out a nice living with some cool high quality music they sell on their own and book their own tours.  This many not work for booking large arenas but if your an artist looking to make a living at music, it’s never been easier.

Let’s face it, the bottom line on anyone’s musical career is you have to be good.  Then you have to couple that with being able to successfully sell yourself.  Then you need to be really good at social marketing methods.  Then you need to know someone that can make a website for you to tell your story and a bit about yourself with some great photos.  Make a few music videos, and you’re well on your way to getting on a path of full time employment as a working musician.  


So what’s the real secret sauce?

So what’s the real secret sauce?  Well if your a talented musician and can perform live and put out some quality recordings, then you just need to get in front of the right people.  That would be Fans of course and Industry People as well.  You have to have a very strong following or the people that want to invest in musicians won’t be too interested.  Let’s say you have everything so far down pretty good.  You can bring in at least 100 people to every show and 100 to 300 is even better.  If you have that kind of draw to your shows, you are ready to gain some interest form the next level industry people.  Keep in mind, they are interested in making money in the music business just like you are.  So, if you are drawing big crowds like that then you might be able to hook up with a booking agency that has regional or national connections.  By connections, we mean they have a roster of artists that are on tour at any given time all year every year. 

Musicians and crowd live performance.


If you’re spouse or friend or family member wants to be your booking agent or manager, great.  Just make sure they know what they are doing or know where to get help if they don’t.  If you draw a large audience because you have great music and can put on a show, then you have the material the industry is looking for.  You just have to help them find it.  (find you)