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Recording Studio In The Mile High

Whose got the lead on top recording studios recording studios in the Mile High?  There are many great studios to choose from in the mile high city, but we’ll leave their competition to you.  This is a feature for HyperThreat™ Sound.  Anne Freeman runs the studio and doubles as an accomplished musician herself.  

Let’s take a look at this recording studio in the mile high city of Denver.  

HyperThreat™ also offers rehearsal space if your band is looking for a space to rehearse with a built in studio.

The studio offers Amenities Including Free Wi-Fi, refreshments and snacks, a lounge, a kitchen, a media and gaming center, and 24 hour security.

HyperThreat™ studio offers state of the art equipment and instrument rental if there’s a piece you’re needing for your recording session.


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