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Get Autographs! They Might Be Giants

Get autographs, they might be giants!  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with your favorite artists.  This is a great opportunity to meet some of best US artists and bump shoulders with many of the local music industry peeps.

So, come out and join us for some great music and a good time.

You could meet some of the greatest musicians and the many people that support and work in the local music industry.

US Music Awards is seeking local volunteers.

If you have a few hours a month or a few hours a week to help out and be involved in the US Music Awards, we are looking for you.  Please contact us and we can see where your interests and talents can be matched with where we need volunteers.

  • Great Local Music
  • Hot Artists
  • Did we say Great Local Artists

US Music Awards will be hosting some of the best talent in the US and if you were seeking an autograph from a favorite artist, you might want to get an autograph from some of these artists because they Might Be Giants someday.

Everyone loves a great show.

How to Get Famous Autographs

So you want an autograph of your favorite band or artist.  It’s really a little bit-o-luck and a bit-o-be at the right place…  You’re in luck, or maybe just at the right place at the right time.  Something like that…

All kidding aside, it’s really not a magic trick to get famous autographs.  You just need to place yourself in a place the person you want an autograph from will likely show up.  Then, you need to be within reach and simply ask for one and have an item and pen in hand.  They won’t provide that for you if you just ask for an autograph.


Often the most valuable autographs are the ones you get before that person or band is even famous.  

It is considered a great compliment to have someone ask for your autograph as you are rising up in your career.  It is a statement from the fan that they believe in you and in your success.  They have their own confidence that person or band will become very big someday.

Do you know an artist or band that is looking to compete on the national stage?


Let’s help you and them out…Contact them and help your favorite artist get involved so they can take advantage of all the exposure the US Music Awards has to offer.

The US Music Awards is also affiliated to many other State by State awards programs that are all involve in the US Music Awards.  That’s where all the top bands and artists come together and compete on the National Stage for the US Music Awards.  

How to stand out from the crowd. Send in your best songs to the US Music Awards. When everyone has the same social media tools, it can still be quite difficult to stand out from the crowd.


Lets face it, every singer song writer, band, artist of any kind has all the same marketing tools that you have.  So how do you stand out from the crowd?  The US Music awards is here to help you do just that.  We want to promote music from all artists and highlight those that have achieved milestones within their career in the music business.

Lets work together and advance your career.  Take your Song Writing to the Next Level! The team at US Music Awards wants to help you promote your music, advance your skills as an artist and make a lot of great friends and great connections along the way.  Join the US Music Awards and we can do it together.